Series C & Reflecting on five years

I sent my team this message. I told myself, why not share it publicly.

A five-year journey and, today, a series C announcement.

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on what it takes to get to Series C. I’ll try to avoid platitudes. If you notice a couple of them, know they’re caused by a limitation in my writing abilities, not my feelings, that doom me to write them.

A startup is not a non-stop “it’s awesome!” experience. I’m sure that, at multiple points in this year, you’ve been frustrated, irritated, or disappointed. Maybe a project you cared about fell off the roadmap because we lacked the resources. Perhaps an idea you loved didn’t stand the test of time, customers didn’t like it. I’m sure of that because I experience this frustration too. Temporary frustration is the price we must pay when ambition, limitations, and an uncertain future are mixed together.

But there’s another prize, delight! The same unknowable future also holds a bright future - Series C, a large customer that changes the course of the company and makes us proud that we’ve toiled and, against all odds, succeeded.

I sincerely wish you take the time today to feel proud. Proud of how far you’ve helped push the company and proud to know how few make it to this point.

For tomorrow you may feel frustrated, but today you should feel happy!


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