NotBoring Article and product strategy at Truework

Paul Graham famously advised startup founders to “do things that don’t scale.” The idea behind the quote is to build something challenging to copy by competitors.

I’ll add another piece of advice, “do things that look boring.”

Flavor-of-the-month markets are like honey traps for founders. Yes, these markets are huge, but you’ll have hundreds or thousands of companies to compete with. Just as you launch your new product, other startups desperate for an idea will copy it.

Facebook, Coinbase, Amazon seemingly thrive in large, hyped markets; but it’s posthoc rationalization about their success. When these companies started, the public was not looking at their market as promising.

NotBoring wrote an article about Truework and how a seemingly unsexy market becomes fascinating once you pay attention to how it evolves.

However boring you feel your initial market is, don’t believe you’ll feel that way for long. Work enough on a topic, and you’ll find it fascinating in no time. I know I did.

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