2023 New Year Resolutions

I’ve dismissed new year’s resolutions for years. I couldn’t believe people change at the turn of a year. In my mind, improvement was a slow process of relentless practice, nowhere did an abrupt turn register. Worse, I saw new year’s resolutions as a form of self-deception, a feel-good pat on the back, forgotten by the second week of January.

Looking back, I gave no credit to the power of the mind and resets. True, January 1^st^ is just an arbitrary day. True, it will require hundreds of hours of practice to transform a resolution into reality. But, that date gives many a chance to find a footing to start a real change.

So, I don’t ignore new year’s resolutions anymore. The sarcastic comments in my head after someone shares their desire for the year are gone. If the first of January gives you special powers to turn down a bad habit or a friend’s invitation to go to a bar instead of working out, great!

Short list of resolutions for 2023

First, I want to improve clarity. After settling into my leadership role, clarity is now the limiting factor to how much and powerfully I can influence, energize and motivate people to work together. My mind revels in complexities. Selfishly, I want to invite people into that world by waterboarding them with as much information as I can. That behavior doesn’t consider the complexity that people wrestle with in their own life/work. My lack of clarity compounds with their issues, making it difficult for them to take quick and decision actions.

Second, continue reading. I’ve picked up my reading pace, but there are more unread than read books in my library. Science-Fiction is one of my favorite genres, and I’d like to finish more in 2023 instead of focusing exclusively on “utilitarian” books (it doesn’t mean they’re bad).

Third, continue musical explorations. Creating music is such a fun activity. I’ve picked up bass guitar recently, and it’s been a blast. I want to do more (see Milestones) and learn to write music. On the physical level, I want to continue pushing myself. With the pandemic well and truly over, being active is simultaneously easier and harder than before during the pandemic. Easier because more activities are open and in full swing. Harder because face time with coworkers is key to success, but it means more constraints in where to go (again, see Milestones). And I need to lose 7-10lbs.


  1. Play at least one open mic. I’m terrified of playing in front of a crowd where I can’t excuse myself for not sounding great. That feels like a scary but achievable milestone for music.

  2. Physical challenge milestones – Climb Mt Shasta. We got turned by the weather. This year will be the one! Run at least one marathon. I’m not much of a long-distance running competitor, but I finished with ease the half, and I’m ready to get to the next level.

I have work milestones, but they’re better shared later in the year.

Stop doing

I rarely peruse the typical social media websites. However, I spend too long on some founder/engineering-focused websites.

My time would be better spent doing anything else, even doing nothing than this. I barely learn anything new on these websites, and their negative tone and depressing takes are too high of a price to pay for the scant teachings.

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